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O u r  r e c e n t  P r o j e c t s
Travaux de terrassement
Nivellement du terrain
Escallier avec murail
Pose de pierre
Construction d'un escalier dans le basin
Construction d'une mini piscine
Pose de pierres en marbre
Installation d'une cuisine
Conversion of the pool for our customers

All wooden exteriors

LED lights with up to 10 bulbs

Restoration of 5 exterior staircases in wood or composite wood

A concrete tarpaulin 10cm thick x 2m wide x 3m wide

Renovation of a villa

Besides the construction of the swimming pool, we also carried out interior and exterior renovation works in our client's villa

Insulate and renovate the facade of the house
With new coating, modern coating and suitable paint

Interior layout
Bathroom tiled walls and floor

Kitchen floor tiles and wall painting
Finishing the villa

Various works inside and outside the building:

  • Earthworks

  • Construction of a protective wall

  • Laying paving stones around the villa

  • Painting the interior and exterior walls

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