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B u i l d i n g

You have decided to build your villa or flat and are now moving on to the construction phase.

Our company can also act as a subcontractor in the construction of villas and flats, providing our expertise and know-how to contribute to the success of your property project. Here's how we showcase our work as a subcontractor:

1. Building villas:

We work with developers and owners as well as architects to build villas to measure or according to predefined models. Our services include laying the foundations, masonry work and interior and exterior finishing.

2. Flat construction:

We are involved in the construction of new flats in real estate projects. Our expertise covers concrete construction, interior fittings, painting and equipment installation.

We offer a wide range of services for new construction projects. Here's an overview of the services we offer as a construction subcontractor:


Masonry work

We build solid foundations, walls, slabs and other structures using quality materials.


Aménagement d'intérieur 

We install doors, windows, staircases and other kitchen and bathroom fittings.



Revêtements et finitions

We apply exterior and interior coatings, such as paint, plaster and decorative rendering.

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